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Bla Bla

yah im bored and dont know what to rite
well yah
im in school now and very bored.
i love to rite so i love livejournal.
lately ive been confused with my friends at true friends and best ones are in my church
one is really bad...i dont do bad stuff....and i love all of them in a caring way.....ones a christian and she told me that but she says she dosnt want to do anything about it....she just lives the "worlds" life

if anyone has any advice id love it!!!
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February 15 2006, 06:50:20 UTC 11 years ago

Seperate friends from friends at church. The friends you have at church, don't call them friends but rather brother and sisters because that is what they are. They are brothers and sisters in christ they can relate to alot of what your going through. It's good that you don't do bad stuff and it is really important that you fight the good fight of faith like the Heavenly father has commanded you to. As for your friend who doesn't want to do anything about getting saved and she says she believes, she clearly Isn't saved. Even demons and the devil believe and confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord. So you must really explain to her if she doesn't get saved then she might end up in hell. There is power in prayer so keep praying for her and your other friends at school and always stay kind and loving to them.